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Online website Builder UMI – simplicity in action

Онлайн конструктор сайтов UMI

Creating your own online resource for business is not a luxury but a dire necessity. This allows you to develop the company in a new environment, to provide the customer with a more convenient way of buying goods or ordering services, and also to expand the influence of business. To create a resource requires investment, but online website Builder UMI, allows to save not only money, but also time.

Онлайн конструктор сайтов UMI

Authorization for online designer
The first step is to register the most convenient way, use email, or authorization through social networks.
The choice of platform
For each type of business one should choose an adaptive framework that is able to unleash the full potential of the future project. The selection of four directions:

online store;
the website for the company;
the resource specialist.

Selecting one of the options proposed by the designer navigates to the tab editing a future project. To edit any aspect of the site that allows you to create a unique project suitable for a specific activity.
Of paramount worth to change logo and company name. To do this, click on the logo-examples.
All the necessary tools for the modification site is located on the left toolbar.
To exit site to the Top search engines, you need to upload unique :SEO:-article. To do this, remove sample text and insert the new, explaining the benefits of the company and having simply implemented search queries.
UMI online designer allows you to easily change the pictures. In addition, the images will attract the attention of site visitors and unobtrusive will tell about the services. Simply click the field and delete the proposed platform image, and then download the required.
Additional pages
In the editor you can create additional pages to simplify use of the resource for a potential client. Tab “About”, “Contacts”, “Discount” and so on are created in the editor for a minute. They need to put relevant information about the company that will be tested by web crawlers and indexed to appear in search queries.
Reviews and revision
The website is a great place to collect positive reviews about the company. It also stimulates interest in the business from customers. In order not to appear samna information, you can edit the resource, in the tab “Comments” to note that all the comments and reviews came to check and only after this was published.
In case you need to expand your site or to create a new page, it can be noted at the inception of the “Make inactive” and remove the mark after a full check future page.

Why UMI?
Paying attention to the online designer should for several reasons:

ease of use;
no advertising;
hundreds of templates for a unique resource;
the possibility of free creation.

If necessary, the launch of the site with its own address, the platform offers paid options. In free mode, business can tell about yourself an unlimited amount of time, getting ample opportunities to attract new groups of target audience from Internet. Reliability, simplicity and reasonable cost of paid services UMI doing so popular online designer.