Craftsmen, able to make art out of anything!


Sometimes you want to do something special, especially (excuse for a tautology) if you have at hand is the unnecessary stuff, and other tools that are simply a pity to throw away. But today we will show you what and what things are made of improvised means and free time, the craftsmen are not only in our country but also abroad. This and various crafts from paper, wool and more.

Octopus on the wall is a great way to get scared in the morning!


Group photo

Chicken feet


Metal candle holders

Bright table

Star wars at rest


Embroidery from Mario

A floor made of coins

Cardboard armor

Suit Samus Aran out of your 3D printer

The fish drunk?

Snowman from tires

“Polygon” dog portrait

Foam seal

Snow dodecahedron

Wooden chain

Sneakers cartoon “Rick and Morty”


Paper Arnie

Portrait of the Director from notes

Retrocecal games


“Yesterday my parents gave me a package from a favorite aunt. Says, “you liked it, I tied up””