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Ultimate Google AdSense is a great plugin and a module in one set, which allows you to organize your website advertising blocks from the popular Google AdSense system.
Ultimate Google AdSense

This component applies to, which is easy to manage. You only need to install it into the system and start to use it.
Using Ultimate Google AdSense, you can set their articles up to 3 blocks.
Sooner or later there is a moment when you need to set the title for your ad, if this is not done, the chances of Google ban becomes more tangible.
You can disable ads for the article ID or category, and there is also the possibility of blocking unwanted IP addresses, which are courted by advertising specifically to exclude the likelihood of a ban from Google.
Other similar plugins and modules create the code manually, and it limits you to the possibilities. When using the Google interface, you can change the font, size, etc.
The possibility of setting any position for each of the blocks.
Added support for advertising for the mobile version.
Support for styles such as ‘float:left;’ ‘float:right;’ ‘float:left; padding-right: 10px;’.