Ночной режим / Night mode

Today will try to parse the authorization module in Joomla, designed for quick login via social networks.


Go to the website ulogin.ru, then looking for the required module for our system by clicking on the button “get code”. In this particular case, it’s Joomla.
Go to the link uLogin for Joomla and download the extension.
If you choose another method of placing the code on the website, you can select 3 way component display.
There is also the opportunity to remove unnecessary social network from the module just by clicking on the appropriate column.
The principle of the installation is simple and straightforward – you need to load the extension in the system, specify the location and the page where the component will be displayed.
The module is easily installed without any special knowledge in the code system.
Using the extension enables quick access to private properties, which is available to authorized users.