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Ulmart slow cooker – waste of money or “porridge, stew!”

Мультиварка Юлмарт

Today we will talk about recently bought me a slow cooker for a special promotion store Hardware that need to be added lasted for more than a month by my calculations. We will also discuss useful features of this slow cooker and how it is presented to the users who wrote reviews purchased on the site Yulmart. So there you go…
Юлмарт мультиварка

About two weeks ago I bought a Hardware the slow cooker, which I tried to include only recently (didn’t have time left). And discovered the miraculous ability of this type of slow cooker to give that error, turned on and off. I tried to understand what was going wrong with my cheap slow cooker from Hardware? It is written in the reviews on the site that it great bakes, roasts, etc., how can people lie so shamelessly. Believe me, you can, and even as… let us understand exactly how.

As you can see on the main page to slow cooker, Hardware, reviews all positive, although we must admit that for this price no one will buy (and I also at the time of purchase it is well understood!) a popular variant with all the bells and whistles. However, if called multicookings as they say, don’t say that the Ingush. And reviews about the tests to me, as an Seo specialist, even funny to read…

Moreover, reviews by 2-3 points in quantitative terms, much less is said about the quality of the production Hardware, but rather on the thoroughness and selectivity on the part of site administrators and the purchase of positive reviews.
I came to the conclusion that it is better to look positive and only negative reviews. You can make 1 conclusion: don’t skimp on the technique!

Here is a few reviews, as you can see, the real buyers Hardware.

As for the price tag, everything is too ambiguous. Of course, I understand that the Hardware is welded on the buyers, but makes the store is obviously silly and straightforward. The proof of my words: I bought this slow cooker for 1299 rubles (in shares 29 January 2017), as seen from the screenshot below, the action continues, but the price of the slow cooker is only 1,570 rubles (for the shares on 11 February 2017). Conclusions I think everyone will do the same – outright deception of customers.

And finally, here is the number of queries all at your favorite Yandex (frequency) at the request of the slow cooker Hardware:

Let’s see how many real customers will leave the store satisfied after!

The results in the search for Yandex on request “Hardware multicooker” on February 21, 2017: