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How to delete a profile in classmates forever!

Как удалить профиль в одноклассниках навсегда

Today I decided to do the long-awaited action – delete my profile in classmates FOREVER! Yes, I postponed it many times for the reason that there are still people with whom I keep in touch only through this social network. And they sit there for the reason that it is one of the first social networks in Russia, and in Vkontakte not all are (soon there too will need to delete, probably?)… Although I use Vkontakte purely for spamming and promoting sites.

So, it’s easy enough to erase all information from your account, just follow link and follow the instructions… In the meantime, read about the there site itself and its “peculiarities” that go smoothly into recklessness.

The query “How to delete a profile in classmates forever” in Yandex has a frequency of 2199 people per month, and therefore, maybe at least some of this number will leave this network, which sold to third parties, passing your data to all in a row! If you still believe that no one in our country needs you – ask that question to those who have been freezing your retirement savings for the last year in a row!

Delete profile in classmates

It’s simple, to perform this action (get away from the social network forever), you have to go to link and scroll down the page, where you have to give your login password and click “Delete”.

How to delete your classmates profile forever!

Of course, you will be asked to think hard, because you will lose touch with your friends on Odnoklassniki! But, in real life, if you want to communicate with real people, you’d better do it rather than texting your details to everyone! Many will say, “Yeah, who needs me anyway?” That’s exactly the kind of people who will be taken advantage of by anyone who doesn’t care!

What reasons can there be for deleting an account and classmates? You are given a choice of only a few of them:

  • design is wrong, rates are high – I don’t care about the design of any site as long as it doesn’t interfere with viewing and reading useful content, which is exactly what you have a problem with!
  • Profile was hacked – yes, more than once, and two-factor authorization has nothing to do with it!
  • stop using social networks – you are too big of yourself! In addition to your so-called “network” there is a huge number of others, and why should anyone classify your site to all networks at once?
  • go to another network: Yes, maybe, but would it help to have a check mark in front of it?

How to delete your classmates profile forever!

It’s too late to drink borjomi if you’re already sitting in the classmates – that’s how you could characterize anyone who stays in this…

Delete profile in classmates