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On the Internet there are a huge number of online designers. From the variety of the most popular is uCoz. Appeared online over 11 years ago and still remains popular among professionals and Amateurs. Fully online Ucoz designer perfect for creating blogs, corporate projects, information portals and online stores. To use its capabilities to the maximum, you should have at least superficial knowledge in HTML.

The advantages of uCoz
To the person who decided to create a website, there is a question – whether it makes sense to use online designer, uCoz, or to focus in favor of any other designer? This can be understood if to get acquainted with all the benefits of the first. They are as follows:

the ease of use. Create content, be it online store, blog or other plan a web project by adding the necessary modules;
versatility. As mentioned above, the online website Builder Ucoz suitable for developing web projects of any type;
tools for promotion. To create a website is one thing, but to propel into a search engine, already completely different. The creators uCoz added tools to promote, which is enough to bring the web project to the Top of the search engine;
the availability of free fares. If it is not possible to buy hosting for a website, then uCoz will provide it in an amount of 400 MB. Free. This volume precisely enough, for example, to accommodate business cards.

Tariffs uCoz
A choice of 4 pay rate. This is the base, optimum, maximum, and store. The base is different from all presented fewer places, and the lack of Seo module. To determine the tariff is in accordance with what the designer’s functionality is needed. By default, online designer posts on the sites on free fare is. If it is not satisfied, then it is only to inform about it, and it will be deleted if the resource is of a social nature.

Are there any drawbacks to uCoz
If there are advantages, there must be disadvantages. There are disadvantages, but they will disappear as soon as the user gets familiar with work in the designer. Seeing the toolbar, users fall into a stupor. A huge number of confusing buttons and tabs that appear on the screen. But, if you spend a few hours getting to know them, the difficulties will be resolved in a jiffy. It will be clear what each tab and button is badly needed. To upset the user, and the scanty number of free templates. More diversity represented among paid rates.

Summing up the above
To use uCoz still worth it. There are many advantages and disadvantages it is difficult to call critical. Acquainted with its capabilities fully, you can comfortably and quickly create assets of any plan.