Fast likes for social networking – Turboliker


Turboliker is a specialized service for sharing huskies, cheating votes in social networks, designed for quick SMM promotion of the various Facebook groups and pages in Vkontakte.

If you want to quickly increase the number of its subscribers in the most popular at this point in time social network on the Internet, then you’ve come to the right place.
That offers us another service for the likes?
First, bonuses for visiting the site every day and check referrals and visit the links and more. The principle is simple as ever: you visit the links within the service, and for that he adds special points that can be spent on the promotion of your group or public Vkontakte. If you are too lazy to click on the button “Share” or “Like”, you can buy likes. Provides tariff plans for these purposes.
On the main page you can see the statistics of your visits and the number of bonus points.
You can perform the following types of posting:
Watching Youtube
You can ask – not “bans” whether it’s a social network Vkontakte?
I answer – Yes, “bans”, but only if you don’t know what the limit of the run everyone has such a service!
On the site itself already has a limit on the number of likes per day, but, unfortunately, there is no filtering on groups, etc., so you can block if you join the wrong groups, or they come too often.
We have a little secret – file for the program :ZennoPoster: that automatically “likes” and clicks on the “Share” button. The script is available to those who enter the service by referral:


/_ref=240577783 (8 downloads)