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How to translate module or component in Joomla in Russian language

перевести модуль

Put the component or module in the system of Joomla is not so difficult. You only need to understand the principle and also establish where the file you want to modify.
Как перевести модуль

First of all find out what is our extension:
If it is a module, then go via FTP to your project, and looking for a path like /modules/, where to find required module.
If this is a component, then look for a path like /components/
It should be noted that this operation is needed only in the case if after installing your extension, you can not find the language file in the folder /language/en-GB/ (for the English language, as usually not all manufacturers of extension offers us Russian version).
I recommend to use Notepad++ to edit the text in these files, as we will need the support of the Russian language – translate the encoding to UTF-8 (without BOM).
So, let’s take a component and it will translate English to Russian.
Open the file from the folder /language/en-GB/ text editor program and set a different encoding if it is not already assigned.
Next, translate the string (lowercase letters) and save the file. Now just floating with the replacement of the text file on the server and check the component or module.
The principle of translation into Russian language component in the administrative part of the same, but the folder where the files are already other /administrator/language/en-GB/.
Don’t forget to save the original data (file) for possible replacement, or any defects.