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Traffic Travis – the service and a separate program for detailed analysis of your site, at the moment there is the search engine Google, which is enough for English-language projects. The software allows you to view not only your project but also helps to identify many other parameters. The only drawback, perhaps, for Russian-speaking users will be the lack of search engine Yandex.
After clicking the registration link, you get access to the program you want to download and install to your computer.
Enter all necessary details like project name, website URL, map format .xml keywords. You should also choose search engines in which you plan to promote the resource.
After all possible tweaks and settings you should see a window with your project and its analyzed data.
The authority of the domain
Alexa rating
Warnings about SEO (for website pages)
Number of indexed pages
Top 5, 10
The number of backlinks to your website
Unique IP
These can be selected from those search engines that you chose before.
In the “My website” you can see links to their pages, as well as recommendations for improving them for search engines, number of backlinks, etc.
In “SEO” you will see the keywords and their positions on your project, and how they have changed over time.
There is a column “link Analysis,” which is designed to determine the back links and their headers. For each page there are parameters such as “Page Authority”, “PR”, etc.
Results: overall, a good program that will help to identify problem areas of your pages and increase ranking of website in search engines. But for SEO SEO is an essential program because it helps to know the characteristics that you do not learn from other peers.