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TorCountDown plugin countdown in Joomla


TorCountDown is not just another plugin, it’s something special for the site administrators – now you can forget about painful scripts for reading back the time in Joomla. This extension allows one click to set the desired message to the visitors of your website when you update a CMS or working on the appearance of the project.

TorCountDown helps to forget that you have to manually set some time intervals and to wrestle on the next update of the site, so that your visitors will leave your project only because of unprepared material.
There are as many as 3 different styles of displaying time and a special message from the owner of the resource.
Undoubtedly, you’ve had to deal with cases when you visit someone else’s site, and see unfinished elements, such as buttons, menus, lists, tables, etc. in order to avoid this with your project, we recommend you to install this extension.
The ability to install any of the 3 available display styles.
Quick turn through the panel.
Enter the necessary entries for users.


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