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Tooltips – the tooltips in Joomla – from words to images


Tooltips is a special component intended for implementation in Joomla tips in the form of words or images.

This extension helps you to view images and words in tooltip when you hover over them with the mouse. With the help of it you can add a convenient phrase and specific significant elements, such as symbols and definitions.
[tip This is a tooltip!::]Hover here to see tooltip[/simple_tooltip]
It is possible to insert hints in almost any place: components, modules, articles, etc.
Examples of usage:
Text only:
[tip You can use bold, italic, underlined text. Or use enters and any other markup you want!]Hover here to see tooltip{/tip]
Extended text:
[tip {img height=”150″ src=”/images/fruit/apple.jpg” width=”200″ />]Image{/tip]
Support of text and image in the form of tips.
Absolutely free use of the component.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.