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Tool Presets panel is activated by a simple mouse click. To do this, go to menu Adobe Photoshop Window – Tool Presets. For what this panel is designed, and how to use it, will be discussed in today’s lesson.
Панель Tool Presets в Adobe Photoshop

You certainly have a lot of time to change the same tool, and the value changes for these instruments was insignificant. For example, to supply the desired rigidity for the brush, we change the stiffness with the keys Shift + [], and for each framing element on the screen make the values in pishkesh or centimeters.
To reduce overhead, and created this tool. It allows you to save the settings of any tool, and then, if desired, to recover them.
Let’s consider an example.
Take the eraser with certain settings and try to save it.
For this purpose we pass on the above menu link and click on the button Create new tool preset. After that we should see a new set with the specified tool.
You can also create settings for other tools, e.g., Crop.
Next, open the right panel top menu and save the newly created set of tools. To do this click on the submenu Save Tool Presets.
Highlight items, which are presented in panel Tool Presets:
New Tool Presets
Rename Presets
the Delete Tool Presets
Sort By Tool
Show All Tool Presets
Show Current Tool Presets
Text Only
Small list
Large list
Reset Tool
Reset All Tools
Preset manager
Reset Tool Presets
Load Tool Presets
Save Tool Presets
the Replace Tool Presets
Close Tab Group