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Today’s blog will talk about famous, but very unprofessional from any point of view the Bank under the name “Tinkoff Bank”. Reviews about it is very contradictory as on the website banki.ru (this is not advertising, but rather the opposite!), and on the other site, where leave feedback about everything. In this article I would like to discuss such a problem as the personal information of users – it needs to protect, but for me the most important protection sites, and are SEO, but just below.

Тинькофф Банк отзывы

About purchased reviews I wrote earlier (read my blog), now it is to disassemble them on the website banki.ru.
Consider myself “spoiled” product:

Draw your attention to the high NATIONAL rating of the Bank – it is necessary it as-that to confirm? See the following picture:

With very modest calculations, we obtained the view of All reviews (all data drawn from official sources) = 14098, with answers us Bank did not care about, and care about, did it solve the problems of people and then calculated that 14 thousand problems solved only 566, i.e., less than 1 thousand half! – the Bank’s effectiveness in the face…
So what is the national ranking then? Let’s look at the user ratings, and as usual, starting with the smallest values.

Also calculate the quantitative indicators and make your people’s output, not the computer component of the site banki.ru where in fact the more reviews, the closer to the people…
Thus, ratings with 5 points 3969, and 1,2,3 points in the amount equal 3697! Thus, if we do not take into account the fact that NOT ALL positive reviews were written by employees of the Bank, we get the following picture: 3969 pros = 3697 cons!

Even on Yandex Market there are no such online stores, where the number of positive reviews and negative were the same – draw your own conclusions…
Go to the main rating our Tinkoff Bank. From it clearly highlighted the following things: first, this quantity does not read reviews (14098 – 3674 = 10424!), and secondly, the overall rating on the website.

Note: my review was not accepted by the Bank – guess why… Rhetorical question!

Who wants to read it, here’s the address:

Be sure to pay attention not only to positive people’s RATING of a website, but check the reviews on sites. You will learn a lot.

Now statistics for the Bank, which claims to work within the law and extremely fluffy and white:

Article in Yandex for 1 ten (TOP 10) on the day of this writing…