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The decision of Antimonopoly service in the case of “Tinkoff Bank”

Тинькофф Банк

Earlier I wrote about the bothersome phone calls from the number +7 800 755-27-71 – this Tinkoff Bank and reviews about them on the Internet. Today we will tell you a story about my appeal in this regard to the Antimonopoly service through their website and look at the decision they made in the end.
Тинькофф Банк

So, I wrote the text to the following:
The text of the appeal:
I appeal to You concerning the unauthorized phone calls from the Bank (call from the number +7-800-755-27-71). In my room – the next room (which I did NOT give the Bank and are NOT, and were NOT his client) calls which can provide, if necessary for the statement of the cellular operator.
The time and date of calls: March 3 at 10:25, 22 February at 16:04, 19 February at 15:37, 27 January at 15:06 would Like to know about the legality of such calls and the possible imposition of a fine or other sanctions against the Bank for the constant calls of people who are not their customers…

After a few days received the text of such content from the Antimonopoly service:
Dear applicant!
FAS of Russia has considered Your appeal about the advertising on
telecommunication networks and reports.

In accordance with paragraph 13 of the Rules of consideration of the competition authority of cases filed for violation of Russian legislation on advertising (further – the Rules) approved by decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated August 17, 2006, No. 508, established requirements for the statement indicating the signs of violation of the legislation on advertising – the application must be submitted to the Antimonopoly authority in written form with the Appendix of documents showing the signs of violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation on advertising. The application shall contain the following information:
– the name and address of the applicant (for physical persons – surname, name, patronymic and place of residence of the applicant – the physical person);
– the name of the advertiser (the advertisement, the advertisement distributor), whose actions contain signs of violation of legislation on advertising;
– description of the facts showing the violation of the legislation on advertising, indicating the method, place and time of advertising;
– the applicant.
In case of impossibility of providing evidence indicating the signs of violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation on advertising, the applicant may specify the person who may be
received such evidence.
Given the above, You are requested to send the application in accordance with paragraph 13 of the Regulations to the address of the Antimonopoly body, on whose territory is located the person in the action which
contain signs of infringement of the legislation of the Russian Federation on advertising. Contacts regional offices of the FAS Russia can be found on the official website of the FAS of Russia at The statement required in accordance with the legislation of existing data: advertiser and advertisement distributor advertisement (name, location, contact information), the period of receipt of the advertisement, the phone numbers that came and went is to describe the existing relationship with the sender of the advertisement, to present the requirement to consent of the Antimonopoly authority for obtaining access information about Your message as follows: “I, name, series and number of passport, and give my consent to receive the FAS (and, if necessary, and its territorial bodies) on the detail accounts phone links, SMS messages and other data transmitted to/from the subscriber number of the telephone number in the network of mobile operator name of the operator of cellular communication.”, certified by a personal signature.
Also, the application should attach evidence supporting Your reasons: texts SMS advertising (photos, screenshots), drill extracts the subscriber number during the period of receiving SMS advertising, copies of the documents confirming the fact of appeal with the requirement to stop the spread of advertising-to-face, directing advertising (if any), and the fact that after Your treatment advertising is not stopped, and other documents. If You can’t provide pictures SMS ads on Your phone, You may apply to the territorial office of the FAS Russia in Your area, so that the experts of the Antimonopoly authority has recorded the presence of this advertising.


So, the conclusion:
Someone already got this Tinkoff Bank, offer mass appeal to the Antimonopoly service with the corresponding statements in writing at the address of stay. Maybe then this “pseudorank” will receive a deserved punishment – exclusion from the register of the banking system.
In addition, I recommend to record all telephone conversations with these interlocutors, in the event that has always been a proof of their narrow-mindedness and stupidity.