Today we are going to create a seamless texture in Adobe Photoshop.
Создание бесшовных текстур в Фотошоп

How to quickly and easily create a texture with a few clicks of the mouse will be discussed in this article.
Take any image (preferably with a picture in the form of a pattern) and opened in Photoshop.
Go to the settings menu – Image – Canvas Size and set the initial values in pixels multiplied by 2. For example, I have a picture has an original size 4000px on 5547px. In the settings window with the dimensions I set the width to 4000*2, height – 5547*2, i.e., 8000px and 11094px respectively. Basically, you can put other values, most importantly, the size of the canvas was much higher than the original image.
Remove the visibility of the lower layer in order to perform processing without his participation.
Now use the Alt button, or create a duplicate layer using the menu, copy the layer with the pattern so that they became 9. You can press 8 times press Ctrl + J.
You should have 9 identical layers, which we will place on the canvas.
Now is the moment of transformation into a seamless structure of our source image.
To do this, move the copy layer to the right, press Ctrl + T and choose from the shortcut menu, point to Flip Horizontal.
Thus, we joined the 2 images into one, while keeping the overall texture of the background.
Repeat this operation on other layers, while turning either horizontally or vertically (depends on the location on the page).
The final result can be seen in the figure below.
You can create a seamless texture in Photoshop from virtually any figure – the main thing is to find the joints and make them less noticeable.
How to create a seamless pattern in Adobe Photoshop in the next lesson.