Photos don’t always come out bright, contrast, so you often need to increase the lack of image polarity. The object of editing is usually text. Will try to fix it and to give it the kind that will allow you to select text from a common background.

Duplicate the layer 2 times in a row, then hide the layer with the background, go to menu Image-Adjustments-Channel Mixer.

Put a check in Monochrome and edit the picture so that the black color was dominant over white. You need to leave photo natural to try to make the text readable. Click OK included curves – Ctrl+M to align the brightness of image by increasing the contrast. Separate portions of the image can be corrected by isolating and processing the curves, i.e. the need to create a selection for the region you need to fix and edit it using curves – Image-Adjustments-Curves.

Once you have finished with the processing allocated to the upper layer and the blending mode set it to Multiply. Thus we get the original image with pronounced black text. You can join the layers together and remove unnecessary details.