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Text Scroller module to display the content in Joomla

Text Scroller

Text Scroller module for Joomla display the material. Its difference from other modules is that displayed by the pop-up list from the bottom up.
Text Scroller

To be more precise, the text continues to move until you see the page, read the news, etc. Thus, it is possible to attract visitors through display advertising on the website, special offers for regular customers. In General, the diverse application of this extension will help you in keeping your traffic.
Custom size.
The ability to display only the introductory text, full text, or both.
Auto play with customizable pause time.
Options to adjust the speed of scrolling.
Pause on mouse hover.
Using CSS for visual design.
The display module inside an article using the plugin download.
The use of multiple modules on one page.
Work with all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.