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How to remove text from pictures in Photoshop

How to quickly remove text from images will be discussed in this article. First we need to warn you that you will be able to remove the text in Photoshop only if it is a small part of the image, and the background behind it is uniform or blurred.
Как убрать текст с фотографии в Фотошоп

So, let’s start.
Loaded the image into Photoshop.

Next, take the tool Patch Tool and allocated the letters in the source text, model selection nearby background. Ie, we need to drag the highlighted area, which is formed by the use of a tool Patch Tool, the background of the image. Important in this transformation when using this tool to make a selection exactly the part of text you want to replace. Tip: select 1-2 letters at a time, so the result will look natural.

If the background pictures were colorful, bright, then remove the text will be problematic. For these purposes the best fit tool Healing Brush Tool or Spot Healing Brush Tool.

The results: no matter which tool you use is important technique is using it. 🙂