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Today we will learn how to recognize text from image or PDF document via the online service OCR. Also consider the various ways of text output from the image directly to WORD, EXCEL, and plain text, and determine which of these types of documents will be optimal.
Let’s say you have a file in PDF format and must be converted to text data. How to do it?
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Go to the OCR editor, then select the language of the text for recognition, and, of course, the downloadable PDF file.

Next, choose from the drop down list the format you need for final processing. Among them there are such options: .DOCX, XSLX,.TXT.

Now, enter the captcha, the download starts of our file… waiting for its end.

You are invited at the end of the download and convert file or download available in the format you chose earlier from the drop-down list, or to copy data from a text directly in the window.

Looks like the text in Word after decoding:

What happens if you try again to upload the PDF and get plain text?

Here is the final result:

Or in the latest treatment option – the Excel file:

The results
In General online service for the transcription of the text works well if you consider that it’s free. But at the same time, there are more advanced solutions, even though they paid. There is a choice!