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Editing text in Photoshop

In one of our lessons we already showed you how to use the tools of writing and editing text, namely the Character and Paragraph panels. In this training lesson, we will examine other useful features of Adobe Photoshop such as editing text using the orientation in the workspace, turning it into a 3D model and more.
Character и Paragraph. В данном обучающем уроке мы рассмотрим другие полезные функции программы Adobe Photoshop, такие как редактирование текста с помощью ориентации на рабочем пространстве, превращение его в 3D модель и многое другое.

Редактирование текста в Фотошоп

To begin, open any file with text content and try to find the required parameters.
The first thing you can use for word processing or any other object is blend mode.
Here you may set the following settings:
The stroke
It should be noted that all the effects off easily if needed or added. These operations are performed using of the eye the opposite effect.
Now let’s edit the text using the 3D panel. The basics of this panel, you can sort by clicking on the link.
Go to menu 3D New 3D Extrusion from Selected Layer. Click Yes on the pop-up information window.
The settings and the 3D settings panel we will discuss later, but for now I can offer a screenshot of the text that you create using this tool.
What else can you do with text, except his immediate changes in panels Character and Paragraph?
After all, it can be done in Word, for example.
Let’s create another text layer to understand the current developments in the future. Double-click on it – you should see an extra panel at the top of the screen, which will give access to additional editing functions.
Click on the icon to the curvature of the text. You should see a dialog box with the settings changes to the text. Here you can choose the options of ready-made styles, as well as themselves to add the necessary spaces.
For example, I used the blur filter and changed the orientation of the object on the screen relative to the source text.
You can apply to the text of a huge number of operations:
Apply filters
To overlay the layers and convert to smart objects
To change the color, angle, font style, text
To turn the text into a separate 3D object
Add shadows, glow
In the following lessons we will talk more specifically about each transformation separately, and examples explore how best to apply those or other actions in the text and without it.