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How to write text in a circle in Photoshop

In this lesson, we consider a situation when you need to write the text is not horizontal or vertical, and in a circle. It may be useful in the design by the designer of leaflets, as well as layouts of various signage and graphic documents.
Как написать текст по кругу в Фотошоп

To understand the working principle, we need to create a document, say, with dimensions of 600 by 600 pixels. You can of course enter any value – the main thing here is that it is convenient later to work with him.
Now select the tool Eliptical Marquee Tool and, while holding the button down Shift, draw a circle.
Press the button Shift is necessary in order to draw a circle, not an oval.
Now hold down the right mouse button, point to Make Work Path in the future leave Tolerance in size 2.
Thus, we will make the way in which it will be possible to substitute text.
Next, select the tool Horizontal Type Tool to apply it to newly created circle.
Looking for a change in the cursor icon when you hover over the circle with a text and begin to enter text content.
To change the font and font size, just set the required values in the upper panel while the selected text.
Как написать текст по кругу в Фотошоп

If you wish, you can also create separate action for this kind of operations.