Ночной режим / Night mode

Tappy by errnio is a continuation of another plugin called Gestures by errnio that controls the gestures in the mobile version of the website. In the mobile version of this feature adds an auxiliary layer for information and interaction with the selected text on your project. Each press of the finger, which selects the text in the mobile version of the site, Tappy adds some buttons and layers of information content, as well as buttons to share and search above and below this text.
Tappy by errnio

This tool expands the experience of using on a project increases the number of page views and time spent on the site. The plugin is in automatic mode scans all the articles and offers an intuitive search and popular content of your site with respect to the selected words.
Recommendations and automatic search of the content on the website is shown at the bottom of the selected text. Semantically selected materials, analyzed and indexed.
Monetization of content – informative layers over the text may contain recommendations.
Configure and manage the plugin.