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Why I stopped using tabsbook service

Почему я перестал пользоваться сервисом tabsbook

A long time ago I installed an extension in my browser called “tabsbook”. Everything would be ok, but programmers of this software have worse and worse control over security of their “critter-thing”, and consequently your data all without exception are transferred to third parties, which is confirmed by data and connection with developers – by the way, no adequate feedback from them was not received, so I get review about their shitty extension here… and there is a strong suspicion to claim that the developers of the extension themselves have a way to sell such data (because the prog – free for those who do not know!). And less traffic, customers, etc. now after reading this article by thinking people!

Let’s see together how convenient and inconvenient tabsbook service can be, and WHY do they (the developers) give data to other people, data you can lose, for example, by linking your own account in a social network, or why, say, our personal data as a name, last name, etc. to the programmers themselves? That’s right – to “leak” this data to third parties.

So tabbook is an online bookmark manager, and the more of them, the more the browser gets slower, since all the data is stored on their servers and on your system memory. Of course, on the one hand it is convenient to use the history of bookmarks (used for a long time), because the extension is conditionally free, and in contrast to analogues immediately has the Russian language, which facilitates the work as a whole. Here, in principle, the advantages over competitors end, the minuses begin, and very huge!


Why I stopped using the tabsbook service

According to the frequency of “tabsbook” searches about 700 people a month! – That’s pretty fucking low, I’ll tell you that. For such a period of time we could have been promoted much further. But, apparently, normal people are beginning to understand where this shit is going! Of the minuses we should definitely mention:

  • Jarring loading of your resources (it’s not just the number of open tabs, but just the open tab of this site – a dash of expansion);
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  • Inconvenient sorting of resources placed in different folders – here you need to either look through all of them or use the small search box inside the service to find the site you want to find
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  • The extension also lets developers see the sites you visit (for example, when you type in your Yandex search, it’s not the search engine’s own top list, but YOUR tabs’ found values!
  • Extension adds NO new features, frozen in about 2017-2018, ie, “developers” this creature-enjoys absolutely everything! There is, of course, donate and blocks of ads, but as we all know in Russia few people like to donate, let alone pay for advertising is not targeted, but just who knows who will look at my ads!
  • If you don’t install an extension in the browser, you get a useless application that doesn’t even allow you to add your own bookmarks to a resource (i.e. you can add bookmarks ONLY through the extension itself – total crap!)
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Now for the main point: once I discovered that there are too many sessions and logins to the extension: faggots from Omsk, Perm and other cities are sitting under my account. All their ip-addresses are known, but only one ip-address if it is dynamic or is given by other such cocksuckers… is quite difficult, but possible! Consequently, can not be coordinated ANYONE to hack 1 account, but rather just all the data someone leaked, in this case the developers of the software, apparently … Well, now we’ll ban them from the Internet too, so they can suck their own dicks and give the data to Dzyuba in the chat room…

I suggest just reading the reviews of customers of this “creature-fucker” below.

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