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Tabs – the tabs in Joomla. Implementation and installation


Implementation of tabs in Joomla articles occurs in a variety of ways, but most probably a simple and successful solution has decided to offer well-known firm NoNumber. The extension is called Tabs. It helps to insert the tabs into the materials and also to prepare them for each case.
Tabs - вкладки в Joomla

This component is fully universal, i.e. you can insert tabs everywhere. All you need is to choose the style of display, and to learn the syntax. In addition, there is a special button in the material editor for quick access to this function.
[tab=tab Title 1] Your text… [tab=tab Title 2] Your text… [/tabs]
In order to apply the colored tabs, you just need to register in the appropriate class code. For example:
[tab Blue|blue] Your text… [tab Green|green] Your text… [/tabs]
There are also tabs on alerts and warnings, meaning of the syntax does not change. Example:
[tab Info|info] Your text… [tab Success|success] Your text… [/tabs]
The ability to insert tabs in different colors.
An additional button in the material editor.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.


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