Script for RoboTask – synchronize files from one folder to another

Every computer user had the aim to synchronize some information in order not to lose it in case of a sudden stop of the hard disk, flash drives, etc. will help us In this unique program to automate actions – RoboTask.
синхронизация файлов из одной папки в другую

So, first, we will need the program itself. Go to configuration create an action by pressing INS.
Select the desired item – Synchronize Folders and press Enter.
Next, select in the first box, the folder FROM which you want to copy information (e.g., your pictures), and in the second box – folder WHERE you want to send copies of your images. If you want to copy all files without exceptions, then put in your mask *.*
If you need to synchronize only jpg files, then put the mask value *.jpg
The second value – Exclude Masks means that in this field you can set the exclude disk partitions.
The next item is how your data will be synchronized. In the first case, they act in two directions, i.e., the copied material as one, and with the other hand. As for the second option, files are copied only from the source, i.e. the starting folder.
Here are a few items that can be taken into account when transferring data (they are listed below):
Include Subfolders
Exact copy in Folder 2
Process Hidden Files
Process System Files
Clear R/O attribute
Output the synchronization details into the log
Now turn on one of the most important action is the monitoring of the changes in our folders.
Monitor data will File Monitor. Install it by clicking Triggering Events.
Select the desired folder to track, turn on the checkbox next to Watch Subfolders.
Set additional parameters if necessary, and press Enter.