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SWB Video embed – embed videos

SWB embed Video – is a very convenient and effective plug-in for embedding videos on your website. With it you can quickly, and most importantly, it is convenient to embed videos from popular hosting sites like: YouTube, Vimeo, Myspace and many others.

SWB Video embed

Recently I had to change one buggy plugin similar type, and then I found this useful extension.
What can be said in his favor?
Able to embed videos with a simple code like:
For Youtube:

All kinds of code can be viewed on the website of the developer of this component.
First you need to download, then upload, and finally, enable via plugin Manager. Everything is simple!
Note: If you don’T need autonomista tags on the videos, just paste the text “{ArticlWithoutEmbedVideo]” without the quotes in the article itself.
Embedded video effortlessly.
Support with most hosting accounts.
Smart mode