Photoshop lessons

The Swatches panel in Photoshop

Clearing the bar Swatches in Photoshop. It is a sample panel of the color palette.
Панель Swatches в Фотошоп

In order to call the panel, press Window-Swatches. We had a window with settings for color examples.

Let’s consider the right panel top menu:

New Swatch
Small Thumbnail
Large Thumbnail
Small List
Large List
Preset Manager
Reset Swatches
Load Swatches
Save Swatches
Save Swatches for Exchange
‘ Replace Swatches
ANPA Colors – used in applications for the preparation of papers
DIC Color Guide – used for printing projects in Japanese
FOCOLTONE Colors – consists of 763 CMYK colors
HKS E Process – used for printing projects in Europe (for roll paper)
HKS K Process – used for printing projects in Europe (for glossy paper)
HKS N Process – used for printing projects in Europe (for natural paper)
HKS Z Process – used for printing projects in Europe (for newsprint)
Paint Color Swatches
PANTONE color bridge CMYK EC – used for reproductions using spot colors
PANTONE color bridge CMYK PC
PANTONE color bridge CMYK UP
PANTONE metallic coated
PANTONE pastel coated
PANTONE pastel uncoated
PANTONE process coated
PANTONE process uncoated
PANTONE solid coated
PANTONE solid matte
PANTONE solid to process EURO
PANTONE solid to process
PANTONE solid uncoated
Photo Filter Colors
TOYO COLOR FINDER – contains more than 1000 colors based on the colors that are most used in Japan
TRUMATCH Colors – contains more than 2000 colors, created using a computer
Hues Web
Web Safe Colors
Spectrum Web
Close Tab Group