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SVG – graphics for web devices with any screen resolution


A close acquaintance with SVG graphics

The creation of interesting and attractive online resource is impossible without SVG vector text and graphic elements in XML format. To work with two-dimensional objects suitable for almost any graphics editor that is familiar to many users of computer technology. Knowledge of the basics of professional software is not required.


Features a two-dimensional format

Scalable Vector Graphics, in other words scalable vector graphics has its positive and negative properties.


  • Almost any web site orientirueshsya images. Zooming, in which the proportions correspond to the original plan without any loss of quality that occurs with SVG. Raster consisting of a grid of pixels, unlike the two-dimensional graphics can not boast of high quality pictures.
  • Graphics SVG files are loaded pretty quickly, because they have a relatively small volume (as opposed to bitmap object).
  • Programmable motion of animated objects assume the use of a browser-based language javascript. To edit them use special text or graphics programs like Illustrator, product developer Adobe or InkScape(software open source). For the animation use the tags id or class. In addition, elements can contain a variety of links to send the user to an external site or internal page of the document.
  • Style description in SVG allows you to change the design of the web resource (a color image of the object, the selection of a font, using italics, size, etc.). Fresh vision of the Internet’s “creation” with the new creative interface allows you to promote a website in top positions.


  • The increase in the number of parts of the image invariably leads to enlargement of the size of the object.
  • Low cross-browser compatibility, that is, not every browser does the job high-grade image viewer.

Where it is recommended to use vector graphics?

By and large, the SVG is used for creating icons, logos, animated. In other words it is a small image consisting of several geometric forms with a minimum size (the most difficult element is considered to be an object of arbitrary shape, comprising several figures). A markup language allows you to generate text designs, located in one of the two planes or along a certain trajectory.

Space saving – the basic principle of two-dimensional graphics. Convert standard photos to SVG is not excluded, but increases the image settings multiple times.

For quality viewing objects are scalable vector graphics suitable mobile device and stationary computer. The resolution of the gadget does not matter.

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