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How beautiful to take pictures of sushi and rolls

суши фото

In the art of food shooting the most important thing is to choose the most “photogenic” food. Sushi and rolls-from such products. This dish is perfectly obtained in the photos, and it is easy to shoot.

Taking pictures of sushi: the main stages and rules

Not all food is worthy to get into a fashion photo blog or just Instagram feed. But sushi rolls are so beautiful products that the hands themselves reach for the camera to capture this delicious beauty. The goal can be any-for a blog, advertising, attracting subscribers or just for the mood. In any case, you need to take pictures of sushi correctly to get a seductive and tempting picture. See what beautiful sushi is on this site https://sushiicons.com.ua!


What are the subtleties you need to know to get a picture, as with the cover of the magazine? It’s simple:

  • Pay attention to the lighting. If the picture is taken with a flash, it will be flat and ugly. At home, choose the most illuminated place, and in a cafe or restaurant in advance, choose a place by the window. Natural lighting-the most successful for food shooting.
  • Select the Central object in the composition. Any photo has its own Central figure, and the rest of the objects are around it. The Central object does not mean that it is in the center. You can create an unusual and stylish composition, putting the main object on the side, and the rest are arranged asymmetrically.
  • Play on contrasts. Sushi is a dish that attracts the eye with its colors. Colorful food on a contrasting background, with a bright or dark tablecloth-will create a juicy picture. The main thing is not to overdo it, and not to make the composition too colorful. As already mentioned, the Central object should stand out from the General background.
  • Beautiful background. Solid textured background will highlight a beautiful dish and emphasize its aesthetics. Looks very stylish wooden surface of the tables, table cloths of coarse textured textiles, paper. But the background should not be too colorful and bright, so as not to attract attention.
  • Specific. Sushi is a lot of accents. Bright coral ginger in a beautiful plate, juicy wasabi, beautiful sticks, dishes, napkins, slices of lime … All very photogenic and juicy. Place accents in a circle, spiral, or line away from the center of the composition. Make sure that the same shades are not standing next to, not merged. Do not overload the frame with small details – let there be accents of different sizes. Do not make a” mess ” on the table, select only the most necessary. Try to spread out in the frame all that you like, and then remove one element until you achieve a perfect composition.

Technical tips & tricks


Background, composition and accents – everything is ready, delicious sushi waiting to get into the frame. How to take a picture of them, so as not to spoil and create a unique frame?

  1. Keep your phone on top, but not parallel to the table. If you shoot clearly from above, the picture will be flat and uninteresting. All objects should have a natural volume and shadows, everything should look careless and alive. Try to play with the angle of the camera, and you will find your best angle.
  2. Try to remove the sushi from a variety of distances. A large frame can be very unusual, even if part of the plate is cut. This product has a beautiful texture, and in close-up you can see a lot of unusual. From afar, you can get a unique and very lively picture, especially if it gets random objects, some movement near the table.
  3. Experiment with lighting. The best light for food photography is bright, natural and uniform. But shooting in the dark, with hard shadows, in the dark or yellow artificial light can get very “tasty”.


Sushi as if created not for food, and for photography. This is one of the most photogenic dishes, and you can shoot it forever-in a variety of ways. Experiment with shape, composition, light and details. Try different styles – minimalism, when there is almost nothing on the table, or Vice versa – a lot of details and accents.

Have fun shooting, and you will have a masterpiece of food pictures.