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Surreal snail with a grass shell in Photoshop #1

Surreal Snail

In this tutorial tutorial we will learn how to create a fantastic scene with a snail and a little girl. You will learn to combine different photos and texture, using the technique of photo manipulation. You will also learn how to work with groups of layers of light to create depth and more.

We’ll start the lesson by adding a blurred background and cleaning it with a few Photoshop tools. Then we’ll add the snail and add her vegetation, using the picture of meadows. After that, we’ll extend the scene a child, flowers, butterflies, grass and mix all this with adjustment layers, masks and brushes. Then we will use the light and texture on the side to increase the atmosphere. Finally, we will use multiple adjustment layers to complete the lesson. We recommend to use Photoshop CS5 or a newer version to all the options match those shown in our lesson.
Resources lesson

Grass pack
Flowers 1
Flowers 2
Flower 3
Light texture

Step number 1
Create a new document in Photoshop with the given settings:

Step number 2
Open the image with the background. We need to remove the flower on the mount, so create a new layer and activate Clone Tool (S). Use this tool on the plant:

Press Cmd/Ctrl+Option/Alt+Shift+E to merge the background and other layers into one. Roaming combined layer into our white canvas using the tool Move Tool (V):

Step number 3
I used an adjustment layer with clipping mask to change the background color. Go to the Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Color Balance (Layer-New adjustment layer-Color balance):

Step number 4
Then used an adjustment layer with curves to darken the background:

On the layer mask with curves, activate the brush tool – Brush Tool (B). Use a basic, soft brush with black color to remove part of the side and leave a dark effect, visible only on the mountain:

Step number 5
Add snails to our main document and remove the white background using a layer mask:

Step 6
Then create a new layer under the volute and use a soft black brush with opacity 40% to paint the shadow under the body:

Let’s call this layer “shadow 1” (shadow 1).

Now you need to add light to the left and above the cochlea, so that there were shadows. To achieve this effect, create a new layer under the layer “shadow 1”. Hold Cmd/Ctrl and click on the layer mask thumbnail control to load its selection:

Fill this layer with black color (Shift+F5) and convert it to Smart Object (Smart Object). Flip vertical the shadow (Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical) through (Edit-Transform-Rotate vertically), and then reduce the opacity to 60%:

To soften the shadow, go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur (Filter-Blur-the Gaussian Blur) and set radius to 6 px:

Step 7
To compare the colours of the snail and the background tool was used, the Color Balance (Color balance):

Step number 8
For darkening of the cochlea was used, curves (Curves):

The layer mask use a soft black brush to remove the top and create a dark effect, visible behind the lower part of the clam:

On this layer use a soft black brush to remove the rear part of the snail and create a nice contrast on her body:

Step 9
Create a new layer, change the mode to Overlay (Overlap) 100% and fill with 50% gray:

Activate the Burn Tool (Tool “dimmer”) (O) with the parameters of the secondary halftone exposure about 10-15% to darken the bottom of the body of a snail. You can evaluate the result as Normal mode (Normal mode), and Overlay (Overlap):

Step 10
Open the photo with the meadow. Use Retangular Marquee Tool (M) to select a piece of grass and then place it on the shell of a snail, using Free Transform Tool (Cmd/Ctrl+T):

Add a mask to the layer and use black brush to remove grass, following the shape of seashells. To create the edges of the grass were used a hard brush with a size of 3-4 px:

Step 11
Let’s use Color Balance (Color balance) to change the color of grass:

Step 12
Using curves darken the grassy shell:

On the layer mask with curves, use a soft black brush to remove the top part of the grass and make it brighter bottom:

Step 13
Create a new layer with the same settings as in step 9. Use the tools Dodge (Lighten) and Burn (Darkening) to determine light and shadows on the shell:

Step 14
Select the child from the background and place it to the top of this shell:

To change the shape of the dress and fit it to the shell, navigate to Edit > Puppet Warp (Edit – Puppet Warp):

2 part – 2 часть