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Surreal snail with a grass shell in Photoshop #3

Surreal Snail

Сюрреалистическая улитка

Step number 37
Place the bokeh texture over the image and change the blending mode to Screen 100%:

Add a mask to this layer and use soft black brush to reduce the effect of the bokeh:

Apply the filter Gaussian Blur (the Gaussian Blur) at a rate of 8 px:

Step number 38
Time coloring of the image. Create an adjustment layer Gradient Map (gradient Map) upstairs:

Change the layer mode to (Soft light) to Soft Light 100%:

Step number 39
We used a color balance (Color Balance) to add yellow:

Step number 40
To increase the brightness of the whole picture was selected curves:

The layer mask use a soft black brush to reduce the grace of a snail and a big flower:

The final result



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