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Stockholm city hall (Sweden. Stockholm stadshus) — one of the main tourist attractions of Stockholm, a symbol of the Swedish capital.

The building was built on the island of Kungsholm arrow in 1911-1923 by Ragnar Estberg (Sweden. Ragnar Östberg). The town hall hosts meetings of the city authorities, important political negotiations, and in the Gold (1930, 1933-1973) and Blue halls (1974) town hall annually on December 10 held a Banquet after the Nobel prize. The Golden hall is decorated with a mosaic of more than 18 million gilded tiles depicting scenes from the history of Sweden. The courtyard of the town hall is open to visitors, and excursions to the halls of the town hall are possible only with a guide. Excursions in Swedish and English are held daily, it is also possible to book excursions in Russian.[1] From the observation deck of the 106-meter tower of the town hall offers a magnificent panorama of Stockholm.

Observation deck on the copper part of the tower. Three crowns and statues are visible on four sides

The statue of St Eric
The height of the tower is 106 meters, 2.5 million bricks were used in the construction, the total weight of which is more than 24 thousand tons. 365 steps lead to the tower.

The Museum of the Tower exhibits models of statues and busts in the town Hall, including busts from the corridor of the Soviets and samples of mosaics from the Golden hall. The main exhibit of the Museum is a statue of St. Eric. The height of the statue is 7.5 meters. Originally it was supposed to decorate the top of the tower with a statue. To lift the statues were holes in all the floors of the tower, and with the help of a crane it should have been raised to the top. However, the architect changed his original plan and turned the top of the tower into an observation deck.

The bells in the tower
Further from the Museum there is a staircase to the Round gallery, which is decorated with plaster statues of Mary Magdalene, St. Clara, St. Eric and a certain Saint whose name is unknown. Above is the Tower passage and the attic of the tower, where the wooden part of the tower begins. Wooden steps lead past the mechanism of the tower clock and the crane, which was designed to lift the statue of St. Eric.

The observation deck of the tower was called the Copper Tower. On the loggia there are statues of saints Eric, Clara, Mary Magdalene and St. Nicholas, the patron Saint of seafarers. Every Saint faces his own coming.

On the tower there are 9 bells, the largest, weighing 3 tons, was donated by Holland and was named after St. Eric, in honor of the patron Saint of Stockholm. The smallest bell is named after St. George. The top of the tower is crowned by three crowns, each 2.2 meters in diameter. The crowns are directed towards the Royal Palace.

From may to September, from 09:15 to 16:00, the town hall tower offers private sightseeing tours. The tour lasts 40 minutes, for 30 people. There is an Elevator to the middle of the tower.