Stickypassword – remembering passwords and auto-insert

How often do you remember lots of passwords for different sites and programs on your computer? I think everyone would like to use more time on more useful things than plugging in the input fields of numerous passwords and data that you can simply forget.

It is time to forget about the anguish and install one of the highest quality, in my opinion, programs called Stickypassword.
Fills the fields and forms in the browser
Stickypassword allows you to fill in automatic mode, the fields on the sites, and you can forget about the need to re-enter login and password on their mobile device, since for him there is a mobile app. Thus, you have no need to score every time the same thing on different devices.
Automatic entrance in almost any program
Everything you do online can remember assistant No. 1 – Stickypassword, because now, whether it is social network, app or just a program to analyze traffic – all the data in form fields will be on the program.
You need to remember only 1 password
You will now be much less of a problem – you need to remember one password, and one for the program itself, so no one else can access it, because there will be stored very important data.
Your secrets only with you
Database is securely protected using encryption keys and the latest achievements in the field of information security.
Support for all major operating systems
This program supports such popular operating systems like Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android, and will soon support Mac.
Do you still doubt? Then download the free 30-day trial version of the program, and try as possible to increase free time!



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