Stick on Scroll – this is a great module which allows the site administrator to put the floating panel at the top of the page Joomla that when you scroll down a page the screen would remain at the top. In addition, you can set the required styles for the top panel, and specify text and all other attributes in an HTML format. In more detail, how and where to insert the data will be discussed in this material.
Stick on Scroll

First of all I would like to mention that this module just gives you the ability to set a separate panel, but all other settings you will need to do for yourself… get Started now!
To begin install the module, then activate it and go into settings. Module position you can put anything – most importantly that position to prescribe further in your template. That is, you write that the module will be installed in a specific location on the website, but to set this place up, you’ll need a settings file original template CMS Joomla (the template you are using on your project). I put the position “opabottom”.
Go to the main file of the template settings, or in other words, the file that defines all the positions on the website (usually a file index.php). Here we write our new position, where it will be located, etc. Try to install the module on several pages below in the case of processing the source file, your users did not look at ugly pages.
To install the module inside the container of our panel, you need to put it inside a DIV content. These settings are located inside the module Stick on Scroll. You can put text, picture and any other information.
To specify your CSS style you need to put it in the module settings. Note the initial state of style – z-index is set to the position 10000, which means that the module will appear on top of all other modules.
Now your clients will constantly see an advertising message, advertisement or any other image at the top of the website when you scroll down the page.
Free extension.
The design is customized by you.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.