StatBlaster – thousands of backlinks to your website


StatBlaster is a program to run your website in special directories is generally free and not very effective, but still…
You can not call this type of SEO white as you get many links at once, which affects the ranking of a website in search engines, but, nevertheless, many webmasters use such services.
What gives this a free program?

First, you save your time, just “scoring” do not to your and your site in the program, and are awaiting the finishing process – the program will do all other steps for you.
Second, you can take those sites that you need from a text file within the program and carry out their analysis for further manual run.
And, thirdly, a SEO master is always learning from their mistakes, whereas other opinions, so until you try – do not know the effectiveness of this program!
At this point it is difficult to find this software, since support for it ceased. The search help you!