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Starry sky photography

Today we will talk about how using a camera to photograph the starry sky, and about the difficulties that await you in the night time. In addition, there are a number of features with which you will face when photographing the night sky.
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All this our article…
Already very much written in various Newspapers and magazines about how best to shoot the plot or the other, but that’s about what settings you will need when taking pictures of the sky – very little information.
As you might guess, if you’re using their photo equipment at night is the lack of lighting. So you have to buy expensive equipment or to use the means at hand.
First of all I would like to mention the fact that without a good component to taking great quality pictures is unlikely, therefore, immediately recommend to pay attention to the expensive cameras.
Never skimp on technology, as this is the main tool of the photographer. At night you have to use the maximum available settings of your device, so choose only the best models. This will allow you to get the highest quality images with minimal effort.
For example, popular among photographers camera models like Nikon D700, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III, Nikon D3x will allow you to shoot at high sensitivities, as well as give a small percentage of “noise” in the photos.
This principle does not means that your camera is outdated and not fit for high-quality photography. You will just have to spend a lot more time and effort to achieve a reasonable result. How to choose the right type of camera can be read here.
Types of lenses are very different, so it’s best to use the most advanced models. For example, you will need the model of the lens, which is able to provide maximum resolution aperture. In addition, the main option you should pay attention to is the lens aperture. The more high-aperture optics you buy, the easier will further the camera to focus on objects, as well as easier to compose the desired picture as the brightness of the picture that you see in the viewfinder of your camera, depends on the aperture of the lens being used.
Use wide angle lenses – they give more review for your business. Fish-eye lenses, or in another way-“fish eye” help to capture fully all the starry sky.
As you know, need a tripod for stability of your camera when shooting at night. In addition, it will come in handy when you need the long hours waiting for the first stars in the sky, or when using long exposure, etc.
If you are going to shoot a starry sky next to the highway, or passing a place where a huge number of machines, then make sure that the tripod was very resistant to vibration depends on the quality of your photos. It is advisable to use a level to adjust the horizontal and vertical lines, as at night it is hard to see anything clearly.
The use of a flash can give a very effective result, but if you prefer natural colors and save charge your camera, I recommend to do without it or use in rare cases.
Photography can last an hour, and may 7-8, and more, so charge your batteries directly depends not only on the number of images, but also on their quality. All this is due to multiple takes, long exposures, and also a huge number of frames when shooting in timelapse mode.
If you are not sure that stocks will last for a long time, you can purchase an extra set of batteries. In this case, keep them in a warm and dry place, for example, in the inner pocket of his jacket.
Programmable cable release (PST)
This accessory is useful to professionals. For example, it is very inconvenient to use the camera when you run from place to place, and when you need to press the button several times in a row. For these purposes, and is programmable cable release. It allows you to:
not to resort to direct access to technology that reduces the likelihood of jitters and blur in the frame;
to remove the bulb. You just pinch the button on the cable at the beginning of exposure and press it when you want to complete the exposure frame. So you can install almost endless patience, which is limited to only charge your battery.;
put the soft shutter speed that you set in advance of the desired period of exposure (up to 100 hours in increments of 1 second);
do interval shooting with a given number of shots in the series at any interval between 1 second and with any expopair you programmed in fully manual and semi-automatic mode. This is probably the most important function of this device, which allows you to capture star tracks with absolutely any of expositions, not losing quality.;
set timer shutter from 1 second to 100 hours (integral capabilities are limited to 10-12 seconds).
Additional instruments
Flashlight – allows you to see in the dark those details necessary for the moment – it can be a compass, mobile phone, watches, beverages, cleaning kit for optics, etc.
Shooting conditions
When taking pictures of the sky and the primary criterion will be its cleanliness and transparency, so it is important to highlight several factors:
height above sea level – the higher – the more transparent will be the layer of atmosphere above you, the cleaner will be the starry sky;
the location of the shooting on the equator – the closer it is, the more transparent the sky;
a haze in the air – it is better to withdraw immediately after heavy rainfall, when all the dust and haze in the atmosphere, by the time settle;
the presence of exposure of the air to choose places far away from settlements, roads and other places where they can receive the light sources, otherwise, you take a picture of the illuminated city.
the presence of any clouds – clouds in the picture will turn into big monsters, closing a star, so try to choose for shooting clear nights;
the intensity of moonlight depends on lunar phase. It is a powerful source, lightening the air, even when it’s not in the picture! So if you want to capture the beauty of the sky, it is desirable to remove the new moon or when the moon is not visible.
Often when shooting stars use open the aperture to increase the depth of the image. In this case, you will need to choose a plot where the objects are far away from you.
The auto focus on the object, you will get any bright object that is visible in the distance. For example, they can become a star, a light in the window or the moon.
If you clearly decided what you want to shoot at night in a certain place, it is best to locate in the daytime, as at night you will be difficult to find exactly the angle and the subject you’ve planned.
To make the picture look “alive”, it is recommended to capture additional objects: trees, buildings, mountains, etc.
During shooting can try filters or any other “gadgets”. So your picture will look more attractive.