Ночной режим / Night mode

In Adobe Photoshop there is a whole set of special commands. About one of them today I will tell you. It’s called Stamp visible.
Stamp Visible

You probably had to deal with the property in Photoshop when you need to correct a document without having to edit each layer individually, or you can apply an effect filter to a file. Let’s see how to do it in practice…;)
Before you could just flatten all the layers together and to fix the image, but it is inconvenient, because in the end you lose all the original layers that were previously created. What you need to do to make this happen?
So, take or create a Photoshop document with multiple layers.
Now, magically, the keys to press 🙂 Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E, and we should see a new layer that combines all visible layers into one and automatically moved to the top level.
In this example, I will show you how to apply a filter to the image:
We need to apply the filter ONLY to a white background, but since we in addition to the background multiple layers (text, image, navigation, etc.), we need to use this command to simplify the process.
Applying the above steps, we got a new layer.
Now go to menu Filter-Sketch-Water Paper and set the required values. Finally, we obtain the following picture:
Now remove unnecessary details and move the text layer to the top level. Here’s what happened:
Summing up:
1. Using Shift+Ctrl+Alt+E easy to edit, if you have a lot of layers.
2. There is no need to search every time which layer is where is and as is called.
3. The simplicity of action and ease of use.