Ночной режим / Night mode

Today we will create a print in Adobe Photoshop, while not worrying about what we will have to edit it in the future. In addition, this printing option can safely be used in the future of their creations, modify, etc.

Как сделать печать в Фотошоп

First, create a document of arbitrary shape, but since we use print, I recommend to open size from 600 to 900 pixels, then it is convenient to change it and reduce if necessary. In case the created document 900 x 900 px and 300 dpi.
Take the tool for creating text Horizontal Type Tool and writing an arbitrary label that will be displayed in your print.
Here is an inscription with a font AGRevueCyr.
Now that the text was in the form of a circle or arc, we need to go to the tool menu and select the icon deformation, and then the style.
Choose the style of the arc (or arch), and set the value to +100 in Bend. Thus, we have turned half of a circle.
To make the 2nd half, we just need to copy the 1st or press CTRL + J to create duplicate layer, and then rotate the layer vertically and horizontally.
Note: to reflect the text vertically and horizontally, go to the context menu with the deformation of the text (CTRL + T) and click on the corresponding menu item by calling it with the right mouse button.
Move the second part of the text and write another text if necessary.
Got this text:
You can also create guides and enable the grid to make it easier to put the circle and the text in it. Press CTRL + R.
Now we will create a circle, or rather, the contours of her inside the text and outside. Take the tool Ellipse Tool.
If we hold down SHIFT, start carrying out right or left with the mouse, you will get the correct circle. The only thing you should improve is the color received inside the circle. To do this, go to the properties of the circle and change the color of stroke and fill.
As to produce, as shown in the figure. The size of the stroke can be reduced, as it is very large by default.
Next, duplicate the layer with the circle and stroke, as well as increase its size by pressing CTRL + T.
To later could not see the inner part of the circle (for PNG files), do the following: go to the layer blending set the stroke size, color and reduce the fill layer.
In the center of the resulting print, you can make another line of text, but this time without any additional effects.
If you remove the background, we get a full seal, which can be inserted into other documents, simply dragging it, but it is better to develop…
This will create an adjustment layer go to the layers menu and select Solid Color. This is done in order to change the color of our printing.
Now to change the color of all the printing we will need to simply choose the desired color in the dialog box and apply it.
But we also need to use color not only to the bottom layer, and to all printing (using the create clipping mask). How to do it?
Allocated SHIFT all the layers that want to move into a smart object, then click the right mouse button and select the menu item Convert to Smart Object.
Now, after you create a smart object, you can freely apply clipping mask and it will act on the entire object.
Here I changed the color adjustment layer on Burgundy, and he used all the created print.
To make the print look more realistic, let’s apply some smart filters to it. For example, let’s add some noise, go to filter menu – Filter-Noise-Add Noise. Values do not have to take those that are represented in the figure, as in each case may be different.
Then create a new layer – CTRL + SHITF + N and convert the clouds filter Render-Clouds.
Change blending mode (Blending Mode) to Divide, to print was similar to the present.
You can add another layer to duplicate or press SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + E – this will glue all visible layers at the current moment.
Experiment, and you will definitely get a new stamp in Adobe Photoshop!