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SQLite Integration – integration with database


SQLite Integration is the plugin that includes the use of SQLite in the system WorsPress. If you want to build a website using this solution, then the extension you perfect.
The plugin includes the ability to create WordPress sites without MySQL database server. All you need is to prepare the web server Apache or PHP with PDO extension. In the hands of the WordPress archive and this plugin you will be able to build a website out of the box.

SQLite Integration

SQLite Integration is an additional solution to PDO WordPress plugin using the main idea and structure of this plugin and adding some utilities.
Plugin – database access, which means the installation of the system. You can use a program using MySQL. After installation, activate the plugin, view instructions and information about your server and the plugins.
System requirements
PHP 5.2 or newer with PDO extension (PHP 5.3 or newer is recommended).
PDO SQLite driver must be loaded.
If you use the “PDO for WordPress”, then you will be able to transfer their database in this plugin.