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Today we will discuss Sprinthost partner program (the hoster is located in Saint-Petersburg) and leave the actual review of this provider of information services on the Internet and analyse the stupid rules of the affiliate program and make some conclusions on them. Earlier I spoke about choosing the right hosting, for example, personally now I use this and I do not regret that went from Sprinthost.

Sprinthost отзывы

So, the first look at Sprinthost the feedback left by real users on the popular resource. Of them can be clearly seen that the host intentionally does not allow to withdraw their money, which was earned in the affiliate program, or if a person has decided to leave them… the main defining reason for the provider becomes a “claim” about the missing documents in order to obtain unused funds. Other providers as there are plenty of reasons not to pay you your rightful money, but I never seen such a host that blatantly requires you to download the official documents in COLOR! And the “excuse” for him is the reason for the rejection of the application by the tax authority, etc.

As you all know this is the official blackmail their users to access all their data. You can even have a mortgage issue, book tickets, etc. And judging by the real reviews online of their services less and less people use that says more…

Your observations
About stability – it is, but with varying degrees of success, technical support is via email only and with delays, which is very inconvenient when you sent by mail another batch of useless information like “we are trying to fix a Ddos attack” etc.

Now just move on to reviews about the affiliate program Sprinthost. Here is a screenshot of my affiliate program in your account:

My passport details were not appropriate for the host due to the fact that they were sent in black and white. But any fool (except, of course, Sprinthost) can distinguish between the original document and Photoshop, for example. For example, the St Petersburg real Estate with the document no problems.

Go on…

On the website of the hosting company indicated the reasons for which they require the download of the official documents.

Now we turn to official statistics of the affiliate program. As you can see from the screenshot, the 2015 and 2016 payment was made (despite government regulations that hang in their “excuses”). From this we can draw only one conclusion: the host wants to receive all the data of its users to use their own OBSCURE purposes.

The results
Reviews reviews, but such arrogance from the hosting provider, who pledges his loyalty I haven’t seen anywhere else! Therefore, I urge you to write directly to the tax office for verification of such blackmail on the part of the provider, which is based and referring to the tax authorities, the Russian government requires you to upload with COLOR! official documents!