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Sprinthost affiliate program – pay tax and pension Fund!

Sprinthost партнерка

Finally deteriorated hoster Sprinthost and its affiliate program! But about all under the order…
I would like to start with the fact that I do not recommend more than this service provider to anyone! Further detail on the items…
So, back to history and try to understand what good hosting from Sprinthost. In that article we described the General characteristics of several service providers, so please scroll almost to the end of the post – where they belong! In this article we will explain in detail the process of becoming a partner of this host (if not previously brought clients here, and wouldn’t be).

OK, start…
Stages of production

In order to become a committed partner of the host Sprinthost, you will of course need to be their client, i.e., to have sites on their servers. I think this is clear.

Next, you must get official documents like a passport, Inn, the insurance certificate for the alleged payment of YOUR AFFILIATE PAYMENTS!!! in the tax and pension Fund!
To write in chat or customer support – is it your letter to them and were they able to sign it and send you back with the seals (because in the administration panel hosting difficult to write a php code that would check your contract = very skilled hands).

Understand the nuances
Immediately raises a number of questions to the hoster, who are so eager to “support” Zakonodatelstva of the Russian Federation! Here they are:

Is there any guarantee that your data, such as passport, Inn, insurance will not be made public? The answer is obvious: any such warranty!
Is there a sample calculations for partners about how much they will receive REAL money when sending YOUR earnings after paying all taxes? Response: exemplary there are no specific penny!
Can hoster to report to you for the payment of the affiliate accruals tax and pension Fund? Answer:…wait!

Below traffic statistics for hoster after such “payments”… Tends to 0!

Well, finally, post the correspondence (or its part) with the operator of the host that was visible to all level of customer focus at last!

Hello! Wrote to tech support no response yet regarding the partnership agreement and sent a letter
The letter from Russia
Presented on 31 July, Received on 31 July 2017, 19:54 Saint Petersburg
Letter 46 g
From whom: —————
a week passed after the receipt, according to tracking
Contract received, we have a mark on it, funds can be.
Do you have any difficulties with this?
have not tried it yet
just in the admin area about this word that everything is OK
Service contract
The Main Contract
Has a maintenance contract: 22/06/17-6337 from down 17.07.2017.
Print out two copies of the contract, sign it on each copy of the contract and annexes, and bring them to our office convenient for you.
If you prefer to bring the contract to our office personally or use the services of a courier, please be sure to coordinate the date of your visit.
A copy of the contract signed on behalf of our organization, we will give you when meeting in our office or send by mail.
it is written in the agreement tab
Yes, indeed. Think about how to inform about the receipt of the contract automatically. While we do that manually and only for those partners who turn to us when the letter is still not received by us.
624.30 RUB – retention – what’s that?
from the amount 1891.50 RUB.
Print the act of the work performed, download a copy, please send our office the original of the act
it is in the comments
every time I have something to send to you?
This amount of taxes and contributions to the pension Fund. Now with individuals we work so obey the law. Yes, exactly, we derive funds according to the copy of the act, and to order the following payment you will be able, when we receive the original.
How to send report of correspondence in the mail and how long does the money in the event of a claim?
As far as I know such option in the chat there, you can copy the text.
The application is processed after the download of copies of the act, within a few days.
If I can be of further help?
super hosting – manually copy text… CTRL + C
Can send you a transcription of the chat, if necessary, in response to your support request.

The results
If you do not live in St. Petersburg, and it is not worth to come here with such service – the village people more humane, though not refer to the legislation of the Russian Federation, thumping your brew!