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Sponsorship Reward – reward for the sponsors of the project Joomla

Sponsorship Reward is a wonderful extension that provides access to a private affiliate program that you can create on your website.
Sponsorship Reward

If You need component alignment partners, this extension will fit perfectly! Invite your friends and give them gifts.
Sponsorship reward increase automatically the number of participants simply generating program. The component is fully compatible with Virtuemart 2 , RedSHOP, Hikashop coupons. Each user can become a sponsor.
Example of use: send automatically a discount code or access some content on your website to the visitors which will attract 10 new. New users can also be awarded.
This extension will be particularly useful to gain the loyalty of users of the site, as well as increase the size of your community and your reputation.
Ideal for e-Commerce: coupons (Virtuemart, RedSHOP, Hikashop)
Work with Community builder and Jomsocial registration.
Ideal for sites based on social functions.
Reward: Email with your content.
Bonus: Make the user in a specific group automatically.
The sponsor and sponsored can be awarded.
Full control over users in the admin panel and other options.