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Social Spot – share through a social network in Joomla

Social Spot

Social Spot is not only beautiful appearance of the button “Share” on your project, but also quick access to the service through a special decision on the CMS Joomla. Is a special plugin that displays on the website button in the form of a heart, when clicked opens a window with buttons of social networks through which you can share with other users useful information.
Social Spot

I’ve been wanting to get this extension to your kit, as I saw this design on another site, and now, finally, I bought a plugin that can be shared with the users of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.
The uniqueness of this plugin is that it not only does not distract the viewer from viewing the site, but complements it.
In addition, many modules you can find links to social.the network, which will not give you the benefits of SEO optimization of your site.
In the settings of the Social Spot you can specify the type of position (top or bottom right corner of the screen), to exclude certain menu items by specifying their ID, write your text instead of the standard greeting, to set what the button social.networking will be displayed on the project and also include the jQuery library or not.
The ability to install and select social networks to display.
Download the jQuery script or the lack of it.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.