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Why you can’t use social networks

Почему нельзя пользоваться социальными сетями

I Decided to write this post for those who still have a choice to use social networks.networks or not. For myself, I have long decided this issue in favor of abandoning them. Of course, I still use sites like Vkontakte, Facebook, but purely for the sake of spam and sending links to my own groups. I’m not interested in stupid posts in most communities that involve solid advertising and telling about facts that are not interesting to anyone, for example, about the size of the ass of some Instagram blogger or who spent the summer or autumn with whom and where. I just have something to do, and as something on those who are interested in poperdet in public, to do analysis of other freaks, yell on Federal channels, etc., or sit and discuss what they are politically active users (Hello to employees Multidom, who write reviews for themselves!). Yes, and visiting stores like < strong>Lenta, Auchan< / strong> , etc. – this is purely your choice, especially when there is a 5% discount on a product that no one needs and you learned about it from SMS!

Почему нельзя пользоваться социальными сетями

The most idiotic social #1

So, the first in my opinion govnoset for social people in Russia is Odnoklassniki. I will explain my position: sooner or later social.the network begins to block you if it is sure that you do not spend money on their” Oohs”, sighs, pohis. The second reason for blocking can be ANY post that these Debs don’t like..Lamas’. For example, I was asked to pass the check in the following way to unlock my account – take a photo with my passport in my hands! Oh…th! I, of course, sent their network and their themselves the Fuck and away! In addition, I will continue to tell everyone to get out of this sharaga far away, once in a social network.networks are checked by passport! They really think that with their pid…what kind of relationship will their networks use, especially if all your data is transferred to third parties? Ask Durov and telegrams about their reaction, as well as < strong>Facebook< / strong>, which also lost the trust of its visitors, or for example Sberbank, whose employees merged all the data into the darknet.< / p>

So Classmates – shit social net?

If you look at who owns all the popular Russian social networks, this information is in the public domain-mailrugrupp companies. That, of course, does not add optimism and trust – ask now the company Masterhost, which “threw” their customers just for a long time-sites under their management still do not work! And this, by the way, is one of the largest hosters… WAS. Think for yourself, who and what you give to use. Now many online stores simply do not work and lose money, customer confidence, and much more. Now to lose the ground it’s time to shit office called Multiher…

Социальная сеть Одноклассники - говно!

Idiotic networks #2

In the second place of my personal rating are located just 2 social networks.networks: < strong>Mailru< / strong> Mir (or whatever they call it, I just don’t care, I don’t remember) and Vkontakte. As for the first option, this SOC.almost no one uses the network anymore (it’s strange why), and the second one is almost a copy of the same < strong>Facebook< / strong>. Those people who say that they go to Vkontakte purely for the sake of listening to music, at least dissemble, because for this purpose there are specialized sites and services that are much more convenient, interesting, faster, etc. These people just watch the news feed of so-called friends for the sake of discussing the future of these same people among the same idiots as themselves and those who do not have their own personal life!< / p>

In Addition to the main reasons for visiting these sites, there are secondary reasons: there is simply nothing to do, which already indicates the stupidity of these people automatically. View videos-go to YouTube, view photos and demotivators-go to other sites that post them in batches. Want potrollit-go nah…th or to view “Home 2”!< / p>
Социальная сеть Одноклассники - говно!

Why do we need social networks

But back to SOC.networks and their direct purpose-tracking your interests for their subsequent sale to third parties. Who does not agree with this statement, please remember what you said recently in the social network and what advertising you were shown there. Or just follow these steps: answer a simple question: why and why do people actually visit social networks?networks? < / p>

There are several options for answers, for example, to see interesting photos and demotivators, or to communicate with friends, or to Express your opinion to others, or to brag about how cool and rich you are (once you go to Turkey and Egypt, when others are starving).< / p>

In all of the above cases, it looks like this:

  • You can and should View images and demotivators on the appropriate sites! You go to social.networks in order to share these photos with others, or maybe they don’t need it? In addition, like a photo in Russia, you can run into a fine or something worse-nah…why do you need this?
  • Communication with friends-I will please or disappoint everyone who thinks that friends exist in the online space. No, friends are those who don’t fuck your brains out, don’t lick your bosses ‘ balls (again a link to the Multihome), and don’t track your location just to shit.. The people you talk to on social media.networks are just work colleagues, classmates, etc. But for real communication it is not necessary to sit at the computer…
  • If you want to brag to others about how cool you are, you can just do something good or bad. But in any case, this should be done, not pussy..get in the air! Another reference to the Moscow havnekontoret. If you show others your own vacation photos, don’t forget that there is no white envy, but only black envy. That is why you will be cursed, not worshipped. Do you need it?

Почему нельзя пользоваться социальными сетями


So, let’s sum up-nah…do you need to use different social networks of the same manufacturer, which transmits ALL information about you to third parties? Take my word for it, it’s better to start your own website and share information on it than to be blocked by some Russian shit service like Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Mailroute, etc.

What I want to say at the end of this post-use an idiotic service in Russia, if you really want to, then you will rake all this + spend time sitting on your ass, discussing in social networks.listen to other people’s gossip, and they, in turn, will grind your bones!