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Information that should not be specified in social networks


We present 5 informal bans that will help to keep you from the problems associated with the most severe drain of information about individuals to third parties. These tips need first of all to those who are not willing to put up with the arbitrariness, which makes the social network, especially in the face of “Discover”!

Currently, people spend a lot of time in social networks. However, they do not always think about what data can be shared on social networks and which are not. In this article we’ll talk about what it is better not to publish in his online profile.

Phone Number

It is Not recommended to download a personal mobile phone number in your account. This may cause your phone falls into the hands of people who collect various databases and calling different people to sell their own or someone else’s garbage or to do more adventurous proposal. To protect yourself from strange calls, try not to post your number on social networks. By the way, the answer ONLY known to you calls to automatically send NAH…ND those who are trying to cash in on you!

Photos of loved ones and children

Think several times before to share your loved ones or children. Not all friends like the ads, so some of them can definitely resent you if you see photos in your social networks. Unfortunately, not only normal people use social networking sites. Therefore, so as not to attract the attention of various shortcomings, it is better not to publish photos of your child. Who knows how many in a network of pedophiles, freaks, selling Chinese junk.


Many people like to post pictures online where they add their geolocation, or delete “history” for instagram or other social networks next to their work or home. Nevertheless, it is extremely the foolish habit. This information may be the property of the poor bastards who are trying to use it to their advantage. In addition, any information about you will be used against you – be sure of that!

Date of birth

Not always wise to share this information. Especially if you use this date in your password or username, as this may be a clue for hacking your account. No need to be paranoid on a regular basis, but it is always necessary to monitor the safety of their data!

About the job

Never place confidential information on your work. Obviously, if this is comes to your boss, you will lose all prospects of the company or be fired. In addition, it is not recommended to constantly complain about their leadership or colleagues. Sooner or later this information will be published and you may have further problems later. If you are not satisfied with something, try to Express this during the personal meeting with your boss or colleagues. Don’t take out the trash from the cabin, if there is even the slightest possibility of a peaceful resolution of the dispute. Otherwise, you might lose the trust of management and coworkers.

And finally, if you want to remove someone from my cell phone, just put the number into black list, so the type of smart people will know what you thought about them – i.e., indifferent and pokhuist…anyone.