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SobiPro is a component of creating a complete catalogue of any type

SobiPro is a free solution to implement for your project the full catalog with lots of editable options, such as fields, filters, Google maps, etc. compared with other analogs, such as ZOO, it’s all the glory, all the parameters you can configure as necessary for your site.



With SobiPro you can easily create multiple directories or different types of content. 10 built-in field types and extra gives you the ability to run any kind of directory. The component allows you to embed the directory or create a directory of restaurants, property management or system profiles, analysis of documentation and the FAQ – FAQ, a simple list of links, or even blog. Almost any decision or content presentation for your Joomla!
A wide range of additional applications complement the overall system. You can improve their catalogues and look them over with a large number of individual functions such as review and rating or a notification system. There are different types of modules that will help to display a list of content in your style.
In addition, you can earn money with SobiPro. Allow me to give Your clients control their content directly from the front panel of the website. Search, filter and view content based on user group.
You can configure all data through the powerful professional template system. The component comes with a default template, which does not require any extra improvements. But if you want to stand out among your competitors, you can create your own template using responsive SobiPro template!
Popular and full component of catalog creation.
The introduction of additional properties with applications.
Ideal content creation and list it.


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