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Snippets – insert different snippets in Joomla


Snippets is an excellent component from the brand NoNumber. It allows you to embed snippets in your content. In addition, you can use them as tags.

Using Snippets you are given the following options:
1. Insert snippets using the convenient buttons when editing any material.
2. The use of dynamic snippets.
The syntax is:
[snippet snippet-id]
Thus, to write the code for the snippet with ID copyright, you need to enter:
[snippet copyright]
You have the ability to insert tags inside the snippets. To do this, enter the variables, for example, 1, 2.
So, you code would look:
©2 – 1 – All rights reserved
It will look like this:
[snippet copyright|My Company|2012]
And in the material:
©2012 – My Company – All rights reserved
And a snippet:
[snippet copyright|Another Company|2011]
You will get the result:
©2011 – Another Company – All rights reserved
The implementation code snippets using the button.
Support for dynamic snippets.
Simple integration into the available settings and parameters.