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Smart Portfolio smart portfolio for Joomla

Smart Portfolio

the jQuery Smart Portfolio offers a simple solution to move the photos as navigating forward and backward.
Smart Portfolio

It works on Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. and uses smooth transitions CSS3, and also supports iOS.
Some transitions and effects between them work only in modern browsers such as Firefox, Safari and Chrome also supported in part by IE10. IE9 version and below will work with the fade transition.
A huge number of settings will allow you to determine at its discretion those or other parameters.
Key benefits:
Beautiful presentation of your creations or portfolio with 10-12 different styles and effects.
Supported transitions: fly, flip, skew, flipX, flipY, wave, fan, skew, tilt, curl, papercut, zipper, fade, twirl.
Dynamic control over titles, descriptions of the administrative panel.
Enable/disable links.
Change the color and number of blocks.


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