Use Smart Filter in Photoshop

A very interesting feature of the program Adobe Photoshop to apply filters to an image without altering your original image. As this occurs we will discuss in this article.

Применение Smart Filter в Фотошоп

To begin, open the image and go to menu Filter-Convert for Smart Filters.

We will have a window with a warning that the selected image is converted to a smart object that can be applied over it smart filters. Press OK.

Now select the desired filter, I used Reticulation.

You should appear just below the layer two fields – one called Smart Filters, the other with the name of the applied filter. Clicking twice on the filter field, in this case Reticulation we have suggests a window with the filter settings. You can use the filter settings to your liking, the original image will remain the same. Clicking on the icon Double-click to edit the filter blending options you can configure the parameters of overlay filter. I set the blending mode Soft Light.

To make it clearer field of Smart Filters let us apply to our image of another filter. When choosing a filter Diffuse Glow you should have two filters under the window Smart Filters.

We may at any time cancel one of the filters by clicking on the eye icon. For example, we need to leave the filter Diffuse Glow and cancel Reticulation. To do this we click on the filter you want to remove.

If our task is to remove all filters, click on the eye icon field Smart Filters.

Summing up:

Use Smart Filters in Photoshop is a very useful function, because the original image remains unchanged. At any time you can remove, or cancel filter/all filters by pressing just one button.